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nestor on 13 January, 2018

It’s been a long time since content was on this site. In the meantime, I was playing like an addict. 10 years or over 3650 days have passed since Nestor Subiat had joined Betis Sevilla. But what has happened since then?

Subiat is a now a club Legend, alongside with his players Mikel Barbero, Gaston Veron, Kingsley Jibrin, João Pires and Leandro Cappi. Meanwhile Joaquin, Patrick Cutrone, Hassan Bandé, Antonio Sanabria, Jordy Ramos, Maxim Agafonov and Mario Alberto Muñoz are club Icons.

If you’re not in my FMSlack channel you probably won't know any of the players mentioned above. There's one single player (or two, if we count the first youth intake like SI does when checking the Club's history).

The two players are Antonio Sanabria and one of the regen newgen from the first intake, Mikel Barbero.

Antonio "Tony" Sanabria has managed to get a total of 323 league appearances since he had joined the club in the season. In the first few seasons he had some troubles finding a place in Nestor Subiat's strikerless #hackz formation. In the season 2018/2019 he's even loaned to Deportivo La Coruña for a few seasons, but since the switch to a narrow 4-3-3 during the season 2019/2020 he has been all present and managed to break the record for most league goals for club. He has currently scored 160 goals for Betis Sevilla.

One of the reason he stayed so long, besides his good performances over the years, is that AS Roma secured a 50% clause on his transfer from Italy to Betis Sevilla.


Mikel Barbero joined the club in March 2018 as part of the first youth intake and in my opinion he's so amazing that I get the feeling that sometimes the first season's youth are a bit overpowered. Technically he is not a season one player but FM does list him as that and his so amazing that I decided to give him some special credit on this blog. Right after joining the club he dominated every game in the youth team and even managed to get two appearances for the reserves in the Segunda Division B4. During the summer break, he joined the first team for the friendlies and scored 6 goals and 2 assists in just 8 matches.


He could potentially be one of the youth prospects that jump directly to the first team without playing for the reserves, but competition and the senior squad of Betis was tough on the central midfielder area so he was going to be a part of reserves. With 12 goals and 15 assists the 17y old Barbero was the main reason for the promotion of the reserves to the Segunda Division, the Spanish second tier.

I believe this promotion was just the right thing for his development. He could get used to better opponents step by step. The second season in the reserves wasn't as impressive as the first one, but the youngster (turned 18 in that season) made a lot of progress and due to some first team sales, he was promoted to the first team after his 2nd season in the reserves.


Currently he's close to turn 26 years of age, has 60 caps for the Spanish national team and has 248 appearances for Betis Sevilla. Still some games to play for him until he reaches the club record for league appearances of 378. Dani Ceballos with 367 appearances in his two stages at the club and an age of 31 will surely break this record before him.


Subiat's career at Betis Sevilla started with an amazing 4th place, which was followed by another 4th in the following year. A 3rd and a second place followed before the team could manage to secure a Primera Division title with 97 points in the season 2021/2022. After that ground-breaking win, 5 league titles followed for the Verdiblancos:

Season League Position Points
2026/2027 1st 101
2025/2026 1st 109
2024/2025 1st 94
2023/2024 1st 100
2022/2023 1st 98
2021/2022 1st 97
2020/2021 2nd 94
2019/2020 3rd 83
2018/19 4th 71
2017/2018 4th 67

Meanwhile the team won their first Spanish cup in 2021/2022, managing a double in that year. After that two additional Copa del Rey titles were secured by the team of Nestor Subiat:

Season Progress Team
2026/2027 Lifted Copa del Rey Real Valladolid
2025/2026 Lifted Copa del Rey UD Las Palmas
2024/2025 Copa del Rey Semi Final FC Barcelona
2023/2024 Lost Copa del Rey Final Real Madrid
2022/2023 Lost Copa del Rey Final FC Barcelona
2021/2022 Lifted Copa del Rey Atletico Madrid
2020/2021 Copa del Rey Semi Final Real Madrid
2019/2020 Copa del Rey Quarter Final FC Barcelona
2018/19 Copa del Rey Quarter Final FC Barcelona
2017/2018 Copa del Rey Fifth Round Valencia

No luck (yet) in the UEFA Champions League for Betis Sevilla. The closest the players got to celebrate the biggest club title was in the season when they got beat only by Manchester City in the final. Over the 9 partitions over the 10 years, 4 times they got thrown out of the competition by Paris Saint Germain.

It's amazing how many times Betis lost only to team winning the competition later on, between the seasons 2021/2022 and 2025/2026 the team who throw the Verdiblancos out of the competition was crowned at UCL winner a few month later:

Season Progress Team
2026/2027 Lost in UEFA Champions League Semi Final Manchester United
2025/2026 Lost in UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round Paris Saint Germain
2024/2025 Lost in UEFA Champions League Quarter Final AC Milan
2023/2024 Lost in UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Paris Saint Germain
2022/2023 Lost in UEFA Champions League Final Manchester City
2021/2022 Lost in UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round Paris Saint Germain
2020/2021 3rd in UEFA Champions League Group Phase -
2019/2020 Lost in UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round Paris Saint Germain
2018/19 3rd in UEFA Champions League Group Phase -

In 2018/2019 and 2020/2021 a 3rd place in the UEFA Champions League Group Phase saw them moving to the Europe League. Both times Betis Sevilla were beaten in the Final:

Season Progress Team
2020/2021 Lost in UEFA Europa League Final Valencia
2018/19 Lost in UEFA Europa League Final Leverkusen


Financially we have been doing amazing thanks to the ticket sales, the competition price money of La Liga and the UEFA Champions League and some filthy player sales. In our 11th season we hit 800 million on the bank. Selling players has clearly been the biggest part, as we have been selling players 114 players of a total value of 1.13BN (and buying 130 players for "only" 258 M) in the last 10 years. Newgen Striker Lorenzo Pastor has been the most expensive acquisition for 29M and right back Maxim Agafonov is so far the most expensive sale with a fee for 98M (after joining the club a few years earlier for 12M).

To show off how we get and spent our money, here's a small overview on our income and expenditure of our 2016/2027 season, where we won the domestic double and made it to the UEFA Champions League Semi Final:

Income 2026/2027


Item Income in Millions
Player Sold 281
TV Revenue 139,9
Prize Money 38,9
Merchandising 26,1
Season Tickets 21,4
Interest 19,8
Gate Receipt 19
Sponsorship 15,3
B Club Income 10,1
Match Day Income 4,1
Corporate Facilities Income 3,7
Other 2,1

As you can see the sponsorship fee is quite low after 10 seasons. I would have expected a bit more here for a team that is dominating La Liga and is making it to the latest stages of the UCL quite often. From this 16 million, around one third come from the stadium sponsorship deal, which was signed before I started my save. The three other big fees are a main kit deal for 2,9 M, training kit deal for 1,7 M and 3 additional club partners for 1,6M:


The main and training kit deals will expire in around one year so I hope for some increasing income in this area.

Expenditure 2026/2027


As you can see the player wages and bonus increased "a bit" a Betis Sevilla and the spending transfer fee was on an all-time record because of the acquisitions of Lorenzo Pastor and the replacement of Agafonov.

Item Expenditure in Millions
Player Wages 126,6
Transfer Expenditure 88,7
Bonuses 53,3
Tax 38,6
Dividends 32,9
Agent Fees 26,8
Staff Wages 25,1
Loyalty Bonuses 17,9
Other 14,3
B Club Expenditure 13,6
Non-Football Costs 12,9
Youth Setup 8,9
Match Day Expenses 7,6
Ground Maintenances 6,5
Travel Costs 4,8
Scouting Costs 0,8
Director Emoluments 0,4

We can also see the B team is not doing any profit, if we exclude any player movement. We are spending huge amounts on staff wages, but that's fine as we have 17 coaching staff, 33 recruiting team members and 9 guys working in the medical staff, because of this we're highest rated in all areas regarding other teams in La Liga:


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