How to remove percentages of a future transfer

nestor on 23 January, 2019

Personally, I hate when the selling club requests a Percentage from a next sell as probably I will sell players for big money and on a long run it will probably be better to pay a bit more when buying the player instead of giving 20% or more from a future transfer. The problem is that these clauses are ticked as non-removable at a lot of times when I was trying to buy young, promising players. In the previous versions of Football Manager, I would need to wait another six months until I could get rid of the clause


But pretty early in FM19 I found a hackz that allows to remove such a clause pretty fast. So now when I get such an additional clause, I just follow these steps:

  • Reject the offer & make an Enquiry:


  • Wait until the selling club responds it, mostly they reject the enquiry:


  • Now you can make a new offer and you'll see that the clause is removable, and obviously I recommended selecting remove and exclude from negotiations:

Remove Clause

Have fun xoxo

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