Berlin Calling 03

nestor on 03 October, 2016

With Sani Utaka playing at the Olympics (and getting injured) and the problem with the board regarding the transfer budget we didn't have an ideal preparation to our third season.

Season Start

In the first competitive game of the season we faced Bayern for the German Super Cup. I was really excited to see how my new acquisition will perform on the pitch. With a 3-3 after 90 minutes and winning on penalties we had to be happy. Especially Marcos Gomez with two Goals, one Assist and Patrick Roberts assisting both Gomez's goals, did have have wonderful game.

Gomez didn't score on the shootout for our side and Hummels and Renato did miss their attempts from the 11 meters.


Patrick Roberts did continue with his great form and managed to score with a header in the first game of german league in order to get us winning against the HSV. We went straight on top of the league with Bayern drawing their first game.

Champions Cup

Thanks to last season's results, we will be playing in the Champions Cup and even be seeded first with a coefficent of 15.664.

We will be facing Arsenal, Inter and Celtic in a very tough Group D. I thought we could get some some easier opponents but I guess at least Celtic is beatable. (Imagine a group with PSG, Madrid or Barcelona as first seeded team!)


It will be a similar group stage as the last time Hertha BSC was part of the Champions Cup in the season 1999/2000 (ten years ago). At this time the germans had to face Chelsea, AC Milan and Galatsaray. Hopefully we can repeat the results and make it again to the next round.

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