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How to remove percentages of a future transfer

nestor on 23 January, 2019

Personally, I hate when the selling club requests a Percentage from a next sell as probably I will sell players for big money and on a long run it will probably be better to pay a bit more when buying the player instead of giving 20% or more from a future transfer. The problem is that these…

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keeping it up

nestor on 19 January, 2019

A lot of time has passed since I released the last blog post. I was playing a lot of FM during the last two month and I managed to play over 6 seasons. Thanks to that I'm now in the 10th season as AZ Alkmaar manager. Actually, there weren't any ground-breaking changes in my save. We kept on winning…

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A circle of AZ

nestor on 19 November, 2018

After we finished our second consecutive season as Dutch champions, the transfer started with a huge offer from the UK. West Ham showed up with an offer of 20M, including 40% of the profit from the next sale, with additional clauses increasing the transfer deal up to 25.5M for Alexander Isak: What a…

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Affirmation Time

nestor on 16 November, 2018

After some amazing results in the first 12 months at the AFAS Stadion, including the first league title since 2009 a Dutch Semi-Final qualification, and just losing out to a really strong AC Milan in the 1st Knockout round of the Europa League the time to affirm the amazing results has come for the…

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De Kaaskoppen

nestor on 06 November, 2018

"From wonderkids to world-class" with that small statement Sports Interactive launched the release of the latest version of the Football Manager with a lovely trailer, maybe even one of the best from the last few years. But wonderkids aren’t just something for trailers, my goal is to have a fair…

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Restructure scouting

nestor on 20 July, 2018

Some of the guys who are following my #FMSlack channel might have already noticed, that at the time I released the blog post about managing expectations I wasn’t managing Valencia anymore. Sorry for all the confusions I've caused! Actually, I left Valencia after the second seasons with a…

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Managing Expectations

nestor on 10 June, 2018

After the last save at Betis Sevilla, which ended in a quite harsh way after managing the first treble in the club history. So, I decided to start this blogging save with Valencia CF as in general I really enjoyed it so much to manage in Spain. In general there are so many interesting teams like…

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10 Años

nestor on 13 January, 2018

It’s been a long time since content was on this site. In the meantime, I was playing like an addict. 10 years or over 3650 days have passed since Nestor Subiat had joined Betis Sevilla. But what has happened since then? Subiat is a now a club Legend, alongside with his players Mikel Barbero, Gaston…

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La Magia vuelve

nestor on 15 November, 2017

36 of the total 38 games have been played of the 17/18 season. The supporters of the Verdiblancos were living their dream: 2 games before the season was coming to an end, they were lying on a wonderfully 3rd place. A 3rd place that would have seen them qualifying directly to UCL Group Stage.…

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Preparing Season 1

nestor on 07 November, 2017

Just after joining Betis Sevilla on a lovely 3th of July 2017, one of my first actions, after the mandatory introduction by the president, was to meet up with my Assistant Manager Eder Sarabia . I was shocked when he introduced me to the first team staff at the club, it was so tiny. There were only…

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nestor on 02 November, 2017

The season 2017/18 will be just the third season in La Liga after Betis managed an instant return from Segunda División in the season 2014/2015 after being relegated the season before. After the promotion Los Béticos managed to secure a 10th and 15th place. So, where do we plan to finish in our…

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Los Béticos

nestor on 15 October, 2017

Normally I rarely redo a same team in Football Manager except some of my real life favorite teams, but now it's time for a comeback for me. Back in the time I enjoyed the save on FM13 with Los Béticos so much, that Nestor Subiat will be joining Real Betis Balompié for FM18. My first thoughts were…

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De donde saliste? (Where you from)

nestor on 08 October, 2017

Which club (or regions) have brought up the most players for the senior squad of La Albiceleste , the Argentine National team? Do the big clubs of Buenos Aires like River Plate and Boca Juniors dominate in the current National team like they have done in the league? No, they don't. As you can see…

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Money Making

nestor on 10 December, 2016

In FM16 and FM17 and a tried to reproduce the financial success I had with Barcelona in FM13 (having over 2 billions on the bank). As Barcelona did make a profit of around 200 million every season in case I didn't spend it all on new players, it was quite easy to so much money on the bank. Achieving…

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Los Albicelestes 1.2: Doubling the blue and white

nestor on 09 December, 2016

After some successful football in the first months as manager at Malaga we reached the winter break on a 3rd place. After a two-week break, it took us to play against Villareal in the 5th round of the Spanish Cup (after beating Valladolid one round earlier). Unluckily we lost the game on penalties…

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Adapting to new Roles

nestor on 29 November, 2016

I think every Football Manager out there has tried to retrain a certain player to a additional player role in his footballing career. Reasons can be to make sure newly signed players fit the own tactical formation or you want to add some player roles in order to have some backups when injuries occur…

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Los Albicelestes 01: From the bottom

nestor on 15 November, 2016

Málaga Club de Fútbol or simply Málaga, is a Spanish football club based in Málaga, Spain. Málaga is one of the southernmost cities of the country. Regarding the Population, in Andalusia it's the number two right after Sevilla and is ranked as number 6 in Spain. Since the season 2016/2017 Málaga…

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Les Gones 05: Money & Medals

nestor on 10 November, 2016

Isn't Money and Medals all we desire as as Football Managers in a long term save, besides amazing Regens? At Lyon we don't have much money nor did we win big titles so far, but this season there as been a change. The first words are not going to be about the beloved Olympique Lyonnais, more I want…

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Les Gones 04: One Season Done

nestor on 06 November, 2016

12 months have passed away since I started the save at Olympique Lyonnais and I think it's time for a short review of the season. The first months at the Parc de Prince of the season couldn't start be better. After we did all the transfers, like mentioned in the last blog we headed to our first…

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Les Gones 03: Starting the Career

nestor on 04 November, 2016

The excitement has been increasing constantly until the release of the official version today, I couldn't wait much more. So finally, it's time to load up the game and hope that my ideas will be working during this save. First things I did after starting the save was to establish my desired backroom…

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Les Gones 02: The Team

nestor on 30 October, 2016

Quite some time has passed since my (huge) blog about Olympique Lyonnais' history. I Was pretty buzy playing the FM17 Beta and preparing myself for a long journey in the french city. Today I want to introduce you to the team. By team I don't mean my first squad, I will be writing about the coaching…

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Les Gones 01: Introduction

nestor on 09 October, 2016

I'm really excited about the new project for Football Manager 17, as it will be at a club or even a league I've never managed . In my view one of the most exciting parts of FM is to develop young players from your own youth intake or the ones that have been brought to your own club at a very early…

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Berlin Calling 03

nestor on 03 October, 2016

With Sani Utaka playing at the Olympics (and getting injured) and the problem with the board regarding the transfer budget we didn't have an ideal preparation to our third season. Season Start In the first competitive game of the season we faced Bayern for the German Super Cup. I was really excited…

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Berlin Calling 02

nestor on 02 October, 2016

After a successful battle against the relegation last season, I did spent some time in the cold argentinian winter to reload the batteries for the upcoming season. Some day one of my close friends at the Argentinian association mentioned that Boca Juniors new Manager Mohammed didn't count on…

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Berlin Calling 01

nestor on 01 October, 2016

It was one of this beautiful days in December, my friend Christian Giménez and I were having a lovely BBQ with some Quilmes together. Our families have joined us and we did really enjoy it. I have been enjoying my life with the Boca Juniors to the fullest. The time has been flying, almost three…

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